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We are a home fragrance & personalised gift store that uses only sustainable products and packaging!
We believe in protecting our planet while providing you with high-quality products.
When it comes to packaging, we use recycled materials to minimise waste and reduce our carbon footprint.
So why settle for anything less than eco-friendly luxury?
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We wholesale our products to different businesses in the UK. The wholesale collection on our website has the basics, but if you'd like a personalised line, send us a message for more information. We offer custom products that fit your business and niche.

  • ** Sharon, ETSY, Baby Shower Favours

    Excellent customer service, I needed these wax melts for favour boxes, and left it late to order, I asked for the items to be delivered by a certain date and the supplier accommodated my request, would definitely order again, the quality is excellent. Thank you.

  • ** Morag, LONDON, Wholesale Candles

    Thank you so much!! They arrived and are better than I expected could smell them through the box its insane!! Will be putting in another order as soon as these ones sell xxxx

  • ** Shelly, GLASGOW, Gemz Moments Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

    Just received my bridesmaids boxes! They are perfect, exactly how I wanted <3 Thank you so much!!